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About our winery

Vinařství Petr Marada was founded in September 2006 in Mikulčice. The founder is a winemaker and a musician – the first violinist in dulcimer band Slovácko. Ing. Petr Marada graduated at the Faculty of Horticulture of Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno, field of Processing of Horticultural Product.

We build on the family tradition of agriculture, where the winemaking has always been historically integral part of the economy. This family heritage obligates us to work hard and honestly, without which good wine cannot be produced.

We farm on the vineyards in a bio regime with love to the land and humility to nature. 

The grape quality of grapevines is undoubtedly higher in the bio regime.

In wine production we prefer physical processes over chemical and we give wine time to ripe and for natural vinification.

Wine philosophy: Less is more – we prefer simplicity and well-timed intervention.

We give wines the time to develop their real scents and flavours without unnecessary interference. We specialize in dry wines, with an emphasis on the purity of the variety and their own personality. White wines mature in stainless steel tanks, selected batches even in oak or acacia barrels. Almost all red wines go through natural vinification in casks. Since 2013 we have been producing sparkling wines produced by primary fermentation or produced by secondary fermentation. Both methods correspond to the champagne – fermentation in a bottle. 

There is no general rule to cultivate vine or for wine production. Each vintage is completely different and at time of intense growth, the vine grower must carefully “listen”, watch its needs and react in time. Neglecting or underestimating the situation gives the winegrower the possibility of repairs up to year.